And it!
11:30 AM | Author: NJoy
November 28-29: Black Friday weekend in Phoenix

Nov. 30 - Dec. 7: Working int Phoenix, and packing everything.

Dec. 8-22(?): Working in Las Vegas at Nellis Airforce base.

Dec. 23-25: Phoenix for Christmas with the fam.

Dec. 26-30: Moving to California Unit of Jesco

Dec. 30 - Jan 1: new years in Las Vegas with Betty, Daniel, and....

Then back to the company condo in L.A. to work audition and hunt for a guest house to live in.

Summary: I am finally getting out of Arizona!!! ...and back tot he water. :)
The BIG GIANT HALLOWEEN post!!!!! :)
10:25 PM | Author: NJoy

So first of all I love Halloween!!!! I love dressing up and costumes and crazy good fun, etc...etc...

This year marks the very first for my dear niece, Caitlyn Attwood. My brother-in-law has nick-named her "bird" so my sister thought it would be apt to dress her up as a bird. And I have to say, this is the cutest, most adorable thing these two hands of mine have ever created!!

Travelling, saving and building a costume for my niece really didn't leave a ton of time for my own costume. I know I was joking around on face book about dressing up as a hobbit or super heroin or villian....but honestly....POison Ivy can go either way: really terrible or really great. And, with the possibility of celebrating the night with co-workers, I decided against running around in tights and a leotard. So I decided to go for Nurse (addicted to drugs/a la Kill Bill - Daryl-hannah-esque).

I think it came out pretty nice. Once I found out I would be working at the AZ State fair all day I got a little bolder with some of the ideas. Muahahahaha.

There are 4 shots: Makers Mark, 99 Apples, 99 Peaches, and 99 Blackberrie.

Want a shot? I was going to fill them with candy, the liquor was my mom's idea I swear!! So i went to the fair with my four little shots all prepped and ready to go and after it got a little later in the day I ran around to some of the other vendors and gave them shots. I wasn't slacking on work, I one was there anyway. At least not to sell to. Anywho...turned out to be a great way to score some chocolate covered strawberries.
Taylor, as Little Red Ridinghood, and I ran around together. It was as if we were celebrities the way everyone wanted to take pictures of us or with us. And I do mean all the vendors and carnies. But hey, I'll trade photos for rides any day. :)

Later in the evening Betty and Tim joined us.

So we goofed off some more until it was late enough to close up shop. Then I dragged them all with me to FEZ. I had to see what monica cooked up this year.

And after that.... well aside from some drama...and a horror movie....the night was over. Seriousely. No parties, no clubs. :( oh well...

I have to say that was the best time I have ever had at the fair!!!! And deffinately a top ranking Haloween.