10:19 PM | Author: NJoy
Ho hum...

I have been writing alot lately....I am going to finnish my script this year!

But that also means that writing has become work....but it's still fun.

I keep going through little changes. I don't know if anyone can see them and I don't know how to explain it. Most recently I realize I have allowd people to treat me a certain way that I never should have. "HOW DARE YOU!" I heard the words on the radio by fate and they remain ringing in my ears. I thought, how dare I allow it. I can't and I won't.

I saw the new Terminator movie. One of the previews was for the new Transformers movie...it gave me a Mattatack all of a sudden and without warning...and then it turned into a Lizatack... I miss him. I miss her. Don't worry, I heald it together. No one would have understood if they saw me crying in the middle of a fun action packed movie trailer.

I'm going to Minnisota. I am a trainer now. So I'll be going to train some people in the new Unit they are opening up there. Sounds exciting. I am excited. But it will be another month away from LA. Away from my fragile network I should be building. I just hope I'm not getting sucked into a Jesco career bubble. I really to get out there and do something...I just seem to be to busy all the time to submit for extra work. Guess I should go find some auditions, just something...not sure where to go. I just know I need to ffinish this script!