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You know when you just meet someone and there is just something so attractive about them that you want to talk to them more and find out about them? There is something so intriguing about them that you are, to put it basely, attracted: drawn by some unseen force to their presence.

I would call this phenomenon a crush.

Now, there are some who immediately to jump to romantic conclusions over an initial crush like this. In extreme cases this is called Erotomania. In less extreme cases this is childish at best, possibly desperate...etc...

There are many reactions from which to choose when presented with a crush. Mine is nothing like the above.

I value friendship. I love having a strong intricate network/web of relationships, something I'm working on building here in LA. So for me to meet someone and see that instant spark of kindred attraction does not invoke the "romantic daydreaming" reaction. I'm quite open to all possible routs that our relationship may take whether that is a short dead end or a long winding road.

But I reserve romantic inclinations to a time after I've gotten to know this new person. I admit there are times in the past when a crush has been combined with a mutual physical attraction and I have jumped over board... But I like to think that by now I'm more level headed than that as result of learning from past mistakes.

Which brings me finally to my point:

Since moving to LA I have had several opportunities to meet new people. There is a guy who I met recently who had something about him that I knew immediately I wanted to get to know. Now some of my surrounding friends picked up on my interest and moved in attempts at matchmaking that made me feel uncomfortable. I don't want to hook with up him or even make out with him especially after I just met him. (Especially when I just got off work and I'm all smelly and gross.) He just seems nice: a person one ought to know. I am in no way on the prowl. Finally, I would hate for anyone to have the first impression of me being in anyway "thrust upon them."

No no it's all terrible. But I have no worries about it at all.

So I guess this a venting: but also a plead: Please don't throw me on any guy whether I'm attracted or not. It just isn't Natalie.
This is in response to Google's current honor of The Hungry Little Catapiller. Did you know that they sell at least 0ne copie every 30 seconds?

My mom has been bugging me for years to write and illustrate Children's books. Never had a ton of interest/confidence in it... but now I wonder... What the heck am I thinking? I'm in the wrong business!

...So maybe I'll get on that. :P
I love LOST!!!
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I absolutely blows my mind every time I watch it.

So here are some questions I have:

Why does Horace hate trees so much? The first time we see him is as an apparition replaying his last minutes of life in perpetual loop while doing what? Chopping trees. Then when we see him again in 1977 he's blowing the trees up in a drunken stuper.

How will Sun and the Pilot get back to 1977?

And more to the Point: Why isn't Locke with them? Will he have to join up with Ben to get back to 1977 as well? Or is he even supposed to go back there?

I'm completely on board with Kate who asked: "What do we do now?" Really what are they supposed to do now? They were all told that they had to go back to the island or everyone they left behind would die. But, it seems that most of them have died anyway. What are they meant to do to preserve life, or does their mere presence create some sort of stability that the island needs?

And what about the babies?
What happpend to Aaron? And how is Sun ok with leaving her Daughter behind? Especially in what we can only assume is the care of her seriousely messed up parents? Perhaps her goal in returning to the Island is to bring Jinn back with her so they can have a happy family back home. I hope that when Jinn and Sun re-unite they chat it up in Korean. I miss the other languanges in the show.

These are my questions. I'm not super concerned with the smoke monsters. I'll be fine if they turn out to be a McGuffin; origin unknown, defence system. But we have seen them recoil in the presence of certain peoples. How interesting that some people are not considered "Dangerous" while others clearly are.

For anyone reading Entertainment Weekly's Doc Jensen articles, you are familiar with the theory that the Swan symbol is actually a snake. If he turns out to be correct, this could be yet another nod to the Little Prince. In that story the Little Prince asks the narrorater to draw a sheep, but because he doesn't know what one looks like, he draws instead a Python (snake) with an Elephant in his belly. This is an image that could be similar to a swan... but what would that mean about Dharma?
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President Barack Obama on Monday cleared the way for a significant increase in federal dollars for embryonic stem cell research and promised no scientific data will be 'distorted or concealed to serve a political agenda.'
~Philip Elliot, Yahoo News, Monday 3-8-09

Really? We really need to spend more federal money on embriotic stem cell research? Really! Because there are still people who don't have jobs. Or healthcare. Really! Do we really need to borrow more money that we don't have for issues that are really not immediately threatening? Really?? Because Americans are still loosing their houses! No what we really need is to throw more government money from our already empty and indebted pockets to secondary and tirtiary issues. Really!? Really, getting out of the war can wait. Really, we can wait for the healthcare you promised. No Really we can wait for jobs to increase. Really, our country can fall deeper in dept for the sake of increased reaserch funding. Really! Because thats whats really important? Really? Really.