Hello Ocean!
1:39 PM | Author: NJoy
Today I discovered that the beach is 5 minutes away. :)

(Photos of the cutie condo coming soon...as soon as remember where I put that digital camera.)
Packing...Wow clothes.
11:38 PM | Author: NJoy
I have a lot of clothes.

No a lot!

Ok, Liz, maybe not quite that much clothes...but I seriousely filled my car with clothes, shoes, toiletries. And I had food on the front seat. Wow. I mean I knew I had a lot but, I filled a huge suitcase, a garment bag and 2 large garbage sacks with clothes. And that did not include shoes.

So, I am officially in LA now.

The condo is cute. All gated, so please do not worry about my safety. :)

And I am officially in a new stage of my life. Yeah that part has not fully hit me yet. I still really want to find my own place. The condo is open to anyone in the Company who needs a place to stay so... I really just have a room and I look forward to having a whole space all to myself. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I am so very thankful for this amazing opportunity.
8:08 PM | Author: NJoy
It feels like everything is moving really quickly. I didn't think it would feel like this.

I spent the whole week before I left for Las Vegas packing, and I made small notes throughout the net about my upcoming move with very little response or notice. Now that I am back and will soon be gone again, I keep hearing...what? moving? So soon? And I think to myself, soon? Should I have waited until after the New Year?


This move is long over due in so many ways and, in every other, at just the right time. The lesson here, for me, is to pay more attention to myself and to what is right for me. That sounds selfish and self-centered, but Hamlet is right: "this above all: to thine own self be true." I have to start doing that in every area of my life. It may be too soon for many of the people around me, but in my heart I know this is the exact time God set aside for me to go. (I'm working everyday to be more sensitive to God's guiding hand.)

I knew that when the time came there would be no great hoopla, no parties, or celebrations; it would simply be me slipping off into the next phase of my life.

And what a time to go this is! Most of my Christmas gifts have been focused on moving. My parents gave me a great set of cookware and a starter tool kit as well as other cooking essentials that I am overjoyed to have received. I really didn't know what they would be able to afford this year, so I made no specific requests. Still, the savvy sale hunter that mother is, she found so much of what I had on my secret wish list. I am indescribably blessed by that. My sister made up a "basket" (trash can) of cleaning essentials one cannot live without. "All the things you need that are a pain to buy," she said. And my sweet friends gave me fun things, shoes, purse, rings and such that are always delightful. I am so grateful to have such wonderful people around me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My brother is also here for christmas, that has been a real blessing as well. It has been nice to get to hang out with him for these few days.

I think that overall, though my Phoenix interum between Vegas and LA is short, it is the perfect length and thus very sweet. The perfect balance of not too short or too long. :)