9:55 PM | Author: NJoy
I am throwing down the flag on this one!

So my Manager is very flirty. I can handle that... I can excuse that. Even though he's Married with Children. Flirty is not something I normally consider a dangerous quality. I'm flirty and I'm not going to get all puffed up and righteous over any silly little thing, like "you're cute as hell".

Anything beyond that however, is a different story.

I'm working in Sierra Vista for the next week. Starting tomorrow. We are driving out super early in the morning. So I asked my Manager when he was expecting to be there. And he told me tonight that he is leaving at 5am. So I text "Do you want me to meet you at your house? Or Can I leave from mine?" He replied: "Well if you climb into bed with me, mine"

So then I didn't know what to do.

I mean it is a little funny, in a sad way. I'm not threatend, although it does make me feel awkward. I did just learn that he has had an affair with one other girl in the company and really came-on to someone else I work with.

So what should I say?
"That's inappropriate."
"You're bed is too crowded."
"You're married."
"I'll see you at the base."

All these seem good options but I didn't take any of them. I just turned my phone off. That way I can claim tomorrow that the battery died and I didn't see the text. ...And perhaps say that I never recieved it...

This is dissapointing. I want to do well in the company and earn recognition...but not because my boss thinks I'm cute/f***able, (which I am not!!!)
12:46 AM | Author: NJoy
Television is a wonderful thing.

Sometimes I just need to turn my brain off, check out. TV can be a lovely escape.

....Unless there is nothing on....

Which is why TVo and DVR are also wonderful things. My recorded shows are always there when I need them to whisk me away to escapism.
New downside to contracted sales work
9:11 AM | Author: NJoy
Busy busy busy busy....and it's no excuse for anything...

I have missed 3 birthdays in the past 2 months, my Dad's, my Sister's and Liz's. So uncool. It really makes me want to cry when I think about it. But it's really my fault in the end. I should have asked for time off... I have to learn how to say stop/no.

Other diwnside: There are no sick days. I mean you can work whenever you want. So if you need to take a sick day someone can cover your shift....but that means not making money. And the longer it takes you to recover the more money you're not making. And if you work while sick you might not have the energy needed to turn high sales.... So basically getting sick and sales just don't mix.

5:50 PM | Author: NJoy
It's October which means Halloween. I love Halloween!

I'm making a bird costume for my niece. I'll have to an editorial blog on that.

Usually I have a ton of ideas to choose from to decide what or who I'll be for All Hallows Eve, but this year...not so much.

Wonder Woman has been suggested and that is a good suggestion. After all I have never done it before... certainly never dressed up as anything that recognizable and specific. I guess I always thought costumes like that are for comicon.

On the other hand making a good costume, (and I won't be caught dead in a bad one,) tends to be costly. I'm on super saver mode over here. My October has been redefined as the month to pay off debt. Growing up can really suck sometimes. So I guess the point of my reasoning here is: for the first time in my life I'm really second guessing Halloween. Bottom line: Unless I can find a cost-effective costume that looks good and is well photographed, besides making a costume for my niece, I might not participate this year.