Red Sonja
10:09 PM | Author: NJoy

This is Red Sonja. (Pronounced: Sonya, with a long o)

She is the Title Character for one my favorite 80's Fantasy/adventure movies and my childhood heroin.

I have fond memories of making my two best friends in 1st grade, Jacob and Jarod, play "Red Sonja" with me. I always won, of course. I always loved that she would never marry any man who could not best her in battle.

And yes she rocks a mullet. :) Classic 80's.

So after planning a very detailed version of Poison Ivy... I think I really want to be Red Sonja for Halloween. She just kiccks ass. Litterally.

And if you have never seen the movie, please watch it.

Working on TV
6:51 PM | Author: NJoy
I need $1363.90 to join AFTRA. So i can act on/audition for TV shows. Anyone who wants to make a donation is more than welcome. Comment below.