Not that important
7:26 PM | Author: NJoy
So I'm really country sometimes... I mean I catch myself offguard with the odd things that flow out of my mouth...or through my fingers.

I mean who says: "Maybe next time we can chat it up like two crazy chickens at a feed bag"? Apparently, I do.

Who knew?
Perks of being Contracted
10:39 PM | Author: NJoy
Working as a contracted sales agent has really spoiled me. I could never work a regular nine to five again. Now, many people wonder why I take such very odd jobs, and it's true I've had a few. But they all have one thing in common...well recently anyway: sales.

Now, I never actually wanted to get into sales. I had many terrible experiences, as we all have had, with pushy sales people. They're always super greasy, oily windbags who try to force you to buy products which I, at least, am always sure are not all their cracked up to be. I wanted to never have anyone dread talking to me the way I dreaded talking to them.

But then I started working for Cibola Vista a resort company. I justified that I wasn't really in sales because I wasn't getting anybody to buy anything. But I was working on commission...

Anyway... fast forward a few years and I am still in sales. Call it Promotions, market demonstration, retailtainment... let's face it; it's sales.

So why, Nat, why?

I'll tell you:

1. I set my own schedule. I have with some sales jobs, been able to set even my own hours. (that alone is a spoiler)

2. Commission: the smarter I work the more money I make. That is quite an exciting challenge. It means that I can actually make a goal of how much I want to make for a month or a week, and how much time I want to put in, and without working extra hours, actually make that goal. In my current sales job, trainers will start hovering over me if I only make $300 or less for one week. I'll get in trouble and they will work steadilly with me to get me back up to $500.

3. Tax wright-offs: now this is the real sweet spot. Wright-off mileage (and/or gas), food during shift, any out of town expenses, and anything related to work. For me that includes a manicure. Now I'm not super excited about getting a manicure, I'd rather have real nails, but the new product I am demonstrating forces me to soak my hands in a lot of water and a lot of Diet Coke. So my nails go soft and turn an unsightly brown...which all means I need to have manicured nails for work, which means: tax wright-off. Clothes for work, tailoring for work clothes...etcetera.

There are a few downsides to being independantly contacted as well, but the perks more than make up for it.
This is for Liz...
10:16 PM | Author: NJoy
...because you are probably the only person reading it. :)

So I started this blog because...well lets face it...everyone else was doing it. And I thought well I write in Journals with the hope that someday someone else will read them (hopefully after I am dead and gone), so why not write something that someone can read today.

Well I never thought anyone actually would. I thought maybe eventually I'd write something interesting enough to share and say, "hey go look at my blog..." But I didn't think anyone would be reading it now.

So, today when I got a text from Liz about how silly I am because no wants to spend time in Tucson (see post below) I really had no idea what she was talking about...until I remembered the post...

Really Liz? You're reading this? I better watch what I say... ;)
12:05 AM | Author: NJoy
Isn't it funny how a picture can change with different perspectives?

When I started working in Tucson I was excited. It meant being away from my house, working with Betty and at a really awesome location!! It also meant that we were going to be able make our own scheduals; split the shifts between the two of us. And that meant I would finally get to go California for the visit I was trying to make happen. And that visit did happen, (though not at all my just happend...)

And that's where all the trouble started.

Tucson looked golden after driving all over Phoenix to sell in Different KMarts to poeple who were freequently rude and/or could not afford the product. ...But after going to LA and visiting the beach and Dave and seeing all the pretty green things I've been missing and all the excitement of a buzzing city...well, then Tucson, AZ looked burnt, dried up, desolate and lonely. As is stated in Hamlet II, " matter where you go, it will always be better than Tucson, AZ."

So when I got back I e-mailed my manager about transfering. January, baby! I've got the counter counting down the days.

Now, after spending 5 days all by myself in Tucson, I am glad to be back in Phoenix. But I'm still anxious to move to California. Patience is a what?
6:06 PM | Author: NJoy
I love to love.
I love having someone to love; I mean to really love.
Right now I'm missing that.
Though I am dissapointed at this change, I am at peace knowing I really did give love. Actually I'm happy that my love was received for so long.
It's nice to feel this way. Not sad. Not depressed. Peaceful. I gave all that I have to give and that is a blessing.