Music Video!!! Check it out!!
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This is 4 am Revelations by Damien Christopher:
It's a new year!
12:24 PM | Author: NJoy
And I predict that this year will be a year of great accomplishment.
Music Video: Co-starring me
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...coming soon. Keep an open eye. I will post the link here as soon as it comes out/I get it. :)
Merry Christmas
9:22 PM | Author: NJoy
So happy!!
This is has been a great Christmas!
I'm so glad to be here with my Liz to love her! ...with my Olivia to listen to her! James to play games with! Caitlyn to laugh with! Dad to talk with! ...My Ian to annoy! Mom to hug! family all...

I know I have had a better Christmas than some. I know this Christmas has been a miracle. And while I love my new home in LA, I am so excited to finally get back... but sad to leave my family behind. But I don't want to dwell on that.

So I am thankful for my time here. And all of the great gifts I received! I am grateful that everyone liked the gifts I gave....even though they weren't on anyone's list... :)

I got a some Awesome shoes from Liz!! And some cool Boots from my parents. Tons of clothes between Parents and Sister. And a gift card from my brother! What a great christmas.

We saw movies and ate a ton of great food. I have been spoiled in the best way. And though, I know no one reads this: Thank you thank you thank you.
I keep telling people the same story over and over about what's going on in my life. I am so annoyed with myself...but I don't seem to have anything else to say so: I am going to write said story here ion hope that then I can feel that it is out and I won't have to talk about it anymore.

Ok. So I was on big time probation at work. Because of stuff that happend in Minnesota that wasn't toally my fault. Didn't really care. I was trusting God to keep me on the path he laid out for me. To continue taking care of me. And I thought, this is good. I don't have to worry about other people I can focuss on my own grosses.

So I talked to one of our higher ups about it. I asked if I was still a trainer or not. And I really didn't care what she said. But she said that I was and they retrained me to teach newhires our demos. And everthing has gone up from there. In October I trained a group in San Diego. Then they asked me to go to Washington in November. And my manager said she would like to see me become the Unit Trainer (new promotion) after I get more experience training (i.e. after I get back from WA). While I was in Washington they asked me to train again in December in Phoenix, beause I have family there. And when I get back to LA after Christmas I will be the Unit Trainer here. So over the past year, I have received 2 promotions by God's grace and will hopefully continue to distinguish myself here.

But, you may think, working for UsJesco isn't your life goal, is it? I thought you want to be an actor.

I do. I absolutely do. But i don't want to live in my car while persuing a dream and I know that some people have and they made it. If God tells me to quit my job and live in my car until I get a brake out roll to launch my career I'll do that. If He tells me to get a new or a different job, I'll do that. But I beleive these promotions are from God and this job is a means to an end: that being to support me as I persue acting here in LA.

But I have made some progress on that side to. I am developing connections. I have just recently finished writing a screenplay and I am almost through with the first draft of revisions. I have acted in a friend's music video. I also signed up with LA Casting and Central Casting.

So here is my new plan for the coming year: As a unit trainer I make a base salery for an additional 8hrs of work on top of my shifts and commission. This means I can potentially take off a week from shifts in January to audition, work the 8hrs to get the base pay while I still have commission coming in from my trainees. I can start shopping my script, and potentially play the lead in it. Or produce it myself on a lower budget. I can move into my own house/appartment...

Little by little by little... I am making progress. But most important is that I make progress in my walk with God. That at every step i draw nearer to Him. And what I want for the coming days, months and years more than anything is to walk in God's empowering Grace and to strengthan my relationship with him.