Last month when I was forst approached to work a Navy base near Seattle WA, I was so excited I immediately saud yes. Maybe I should have asked a few questions first, but I really didn't care because I miss my family so very much and being so close to them for 2 weeks was just an opportunity I couldn't pass up. So, when they asked me to stay and work a second base after, I would as long as I could have at least 3 days off in between to visit my family. Not a problem.

Well a couple days ago I learned that someone decided to change their mind. I don't know why but they asked for and got approval to open the next base earlier. So now I only have one day off in between. Tough I was very unhappy with this change when I read the e-mail, I couldn't find a logical reason for refusing to open early. Oh I could say, "You promised!!" like a spoiled child. OR "I need to rest!" but I know they can easily refute these things. "We have to do what is best for the company, you had two days off during the 11 day run...etc..." and so I told them that I was officially, reluctantly agreeing. I thought that i could have peace with that.

But now as I get closer to that time I was supposed to have off and see my aunts and cousins and grandparents...that time I was supposed to spend running joyfully around Portland and out with my cousin for her b-day... the more I wish I refused. And I can't help it, but I am upset that we are opening on tuesday instead of thursday. I am frustrated that I don't even know what time I'm expected to be at the new base on Tuesday. And I need to vent about it. I need to let that out. ...and I need to make sure that I don't write anything to negative about it on facebook because my coworkers/managers might see it.

I want to be adult about all this. At the same time I want to make sure they aren't walking all over me.

...sigh... This feels like a reoccuring problem of my life. When will I finally overcome it for good?
Fascination with First Dogs
8:29 AM | Author: NJoy

I have for a while been annoyed about the massive "controversy" over the first dog. Even the Obama Dog gets massive coverage. What the duce? Remember how rediculouse it was when the Bushes aired the Barny Cam? And now I feel that everyone is scrambling to find out what dog the Obamas picked and did he keep his proise to choose one from a shelter and is it a big deal that he didn't?!?!?!!???
Why is this news? When was the first dog ever news? And why is it so irksome?
I've been annoyed about the media's double presidential standard for a while, but I honestly don't consider myself a staunch Conservative (much more middle of the road). And I really don't have anything major against our Prez or the first family. So I definately don't feel like "their being unfair to the didn't care as much about W and his dogs."
It's just flat annoying that one side of the proverbial aisle is "cooler" than the other. Is the reining first dog really better than his predescessors just because he's an Obama and a Democrat? Really? Is this High School? (And by "High School" I mean one out of a bad tean movie that is completely segregated into cliques.) Aren't we a country of equality? Aren't we above media hype and controversy over a dog just because he pees on one the white house lawn?
Granted it's entertaining to see the girls with their pup. It's nice to see every first family act as a family. However, that should really be the end of the story: President Obama, loving father, bought a cute little puppy for his girls. THE END.
Where I am now...
10:48 PM | Author: NJoy
I am in the great Northwest.
Oh how I love and miss the beautiful, green, hilly, mountainous northwest. Yes, I even miss her rain. I miss the magical forrests and the grey coastline. I miss the great wide rivers and tall towers of her cities.
I feel like I'm plugged into a power socket and getting recharged. I'm going to be up here for a bit longer than I thought...but I feel that this is a much needed trip and it will be just long enough.
So I am working at 3 bases here not two. Eleven days at each base, with a couple days off in between. That is a long stay. I will see you soon again, LA. And when I do I will be fully recharged and ready to take you on. Will you be ready?
I am angry at the Italian Prossecuter who is blinded by fear of demons and the occult and an over "righteous" morality. Honestly, he is clearly ignoring the facts of the case and looking not with an unbiased eye for the truth but for support of his preconcieved theories. I'm not saying that the girl is innocent or not but I wish that for her sake the real facts of the murder would at least be considered. Perhaps this comes only from my own skewed perspective: that of an American girl who watches perhaps a little too much crime drama... But logic and the search for truth should compel one to honestly consider the facts of the case rather than making them up. I question his sanity!!!
I am missing my friends: Liz, little Caitlin, Monica, Betty....all of you whom I have been away from for far too long. But this feels right, right now. I am...alone...truely in a way that I am not in LA. And I think for now it's good.
I miss you and I love you and I will see you all as quickly as I can. Smooches!