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10:52 PM | Author: NJoy
Today i became aware of the overwhelming sexual images all around us. Everywhere you look it's sex sex sex.... I was at the mall...working... but there on the pajamas in the men's department at sears pictures of candy canes that say lick me. And a poster in the mall about a show called "The Pregnancy Pact." Tag line: not all teen pregnancies are unplanned. And then there's Lady Gaga on the radio talking about love games and taking rides on his disco stick and bad romance. I've been noticing it more and more in music: There is so much about sexual promiscuity and even Britny sings "living in sin is the new thing..." We don't have a chance. TV shows that women are empowered if they initiate sexual flings "like men do" and have "meaningless sex." It's the norm...?

I know this has been around for a while. Little by little it grows. Why such an emphasis on sex?

And then I see this site:
About a new museum for musical instruments. And they talk about the Music that we all make every human on the planet. It seems to be alive for everyone who can open their ears to hear it. It's beautiful. And I think: there is so much more to our existance, so much more pleasure to find in this world, than in the fleeting moments of an orgasm. Where is that advertised? What do they think? Are humans so base? Are we mearly animals feeding our variouse hungers/cravings/lusts?

I want no part of that. I want a better life a higher existance. I want the beauty of music and dance, of story telling, of nature, of LIFE. I am an artist. A listener. A thinker. I am not a beast.
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