Up to Date
9:09 AM | Author: NJoy
So I'm not making any New Years Resolutions... But I do have plans. I'm making a Mind-map of things I want to accomplish. I got the idea from an article I read about treating acting as your own personal business which lead me to this site:
For only $250 she will make a 4x8 ft visual mind map mural of all the ideas bouncing around in my head. I read all the testimonials of how much this visual map helped people to clarify the steps they need to take to accomplish their goals...and then I thought, I'm artistic... I'm visual... I could do this myself. :) I made a ruff draft and it was actually really fun and freeing. I can definitely say that this new project is an healthy exercise.

I am reading a book titled EXTRAORDINARY: The life you are meant to live. It's great. I love it! I'm using it as a bible study guide. This year is definately about making sure to follow God's plan and ...I don't want to say involving HIM more in my life... but you get the idea.

In latest, less enlightend, news: I got a new shower head!!! It has an arm attachment which means it sits up higher than where the spout comes out which means i don't have to squat or, or do a crazy backbend to get my head under it! ...it's the little things, you know. :)
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